German Agribusiness Alliance

German Agribusiness Alliance/AG Agrarwirtschaft – initiatives for developing international cooperation within the German agriculture and food sectors

In the German Agribusiness Alliance/AG Agrarwirtschaft, leading German trade associations and companies from the agriculture and food sectors collaborate with the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to promote cooperation with transforming, emerging and developing economies in the agriculture and food sectors. The AG Agrarwirtschaft aims to actively support the development of the agriculture, fishing and food processing industries in partner countries – a modernisation partnership – by enabling access to know-how and modern business and investment mechanisms, by actively strengthening trading relationships, and by making direct investments.

The AG Agrarwirtschaft coordinates the Working Group for Development Partnerships in the agriculture and food sectors, acting as an informative, economic decision-making committee that promotes cooperation with BMEL and BMZ for sector-specific processes and programmes. In particular, the Working Group for Development Partnerships' is responsible for devising new concepts and projects in the field of private-public partnerships. Working in cooperation with the OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association and the German Committee of Eastern European Economic Relations, the AG Agrarwirtschaft provides the German agriculture and food sectors with comprehensive support in the advancement of business activities in important future markets. It achieves this through bilateral committee work with selected target countries, hosting events and cultivating a network of information in the region.

Since 2012 the AG Agrarwirtschaft, in partnership with OAV, has opened an Asian coordination office, the construction of which was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The coordination office was created to function as the central office for managing cooperation between organisations in Germany, India and China that are active in the agriculture and food industries.

The coordination office's principal tasks:

  • preparation of the dialogue with the Chinese and Indian agricultural ministries regarding agricultural policy
  • provision of information about the agriculture markets in partner countries
  • linking the activities of German organisations and companies in partner countries
  • representation of associations and companies in the agriculture and food sectors' economic policy interests
  • organisation of international events concerning the development of agricultural policy and economic policy in partner countries
  • high-profile network of decision-makers from the fields of politics, economics and societal issues.

Management of the working group:

    • Chairman:
      Dr Arnd Nenstiel, Global Head of Agricultural Policy and Stakeholder Affairs, Bayer AG Division CropScience

    Members of the working group:

    • ADM Germany GmbH
    • AFC Consultants International GmbH*
    • German Stockbreeders' Association e.V. (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Tierzüchter e.V., ADT)
    • AHT Group AG
    • BASF SE
    • Bayer CropScience AG
    • BayWa AGBIG Dutchman AG
    • National Association of German Plant Breeders e.V. (Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter e.V., BDP)
    • National Association for the German Fishing Industry and Fish Trade e.V. (Bundesverband der deutschen Fischindustrie und des Fischgroßhandels e.V.)
    • BVVG, Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH Berlin
    • Caisley International GmbH
    • German Society for International Cooperation GmbH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, GIZ)
    • German Agriculture Society e.V. (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V., DLG)
    • DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
    • EkoNiva APK Holding
    • Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH
    • GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
    • Gebr. Pöttinger GmbH
    • German Seed Alliance GmbH
    • GFA Consulting Group GmbH
    • Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
    • IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH *
    • KTG Holding GmbH
    • KWS Saat AG
    • Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH
    • Munich RE - Münchener Rückversicherungsgesellscaft AG
    • Netafim Deutschland GmbH
    • OSI International GmbH
    • Riela Karl-Heinz Knoop e. K.
    • Syngenta Agro GmbH
    • Association of German Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction, Agricultural Engineering Department (Verband Deuscher Machinen- und Anlagenbau, VDMA)
    • Sugar Industry Association e.V. (Verein der Zuckerindustrie e.V.)
    • Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH

    *supporting members