Trade Expo Indonesia 2021

21. October 2021 - 04. November 2021, Online

The world has faced an adversity for more than a year. However, the global communitry have slowly come to grips with the virus, and with it, the global economy has shown a sign of recovery. It takes global concerted eorts to end the pandemic. Accessible vaccine and
healthcare are one of the steps needed for global recovery. Therefore, ecient and sustainable cross-border ow of medical supplies, food and other goods and services, are crucial for the global economy to return as it was before Covid19.

With a strong 7.07% year on year economic growth in the second quarter of 2021, Indonesia is expected to show more positive signs in the near future. This was made possible by the Indonesian government’s policies that are designed to anticipate risks while maintaining positive relations with its partner countries in the world.

As Indonesia has been hit with economic crises and challenges in the past, one sector that have always prove its resilience is the small and medium enterprises sector. With policies to ensure the SMEs survival and success in the time of economic challenges, the Indonesian economies including the welfare of its people, continue to grow.

In order to provide the world with the necessary stepping stone toward global recovery, Indonesia will once again organize Trade Expo Indonesia 2021 in digital edition (TEI-DE) by shifting our venue-based event to a web-based online event. TEI-DE is an international, business-to-business focused, trade exhibition which is designed to facilitate the global market in sourcing high quality products from Indonesia. With the theme of “Reviving Global Trade”, the Ministry of Trade as the host of the event is hopeful that the event would
provide as a strategic platform for Indonesian exporters and international buyers to connect.

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