Webinar: Covid-19 Crisis: Communication and HR Management in Asia-Pacific

28. April 2020, Webinar

Amid the on-going spread of Covid-19 and its lasting severe impact on the global economy, every organization is vulnerable to this crises in one form or another. Playing ostrich – burying your head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away – is not an option! Especially companies with extended business activities in Asia face unprecedented challenges related to their crisis communication and HR management. When it comes to internal communication with employees both in their European headquarters and subsidiaries in various Asian countries, differences in legal frameworks, social and cultural aspects need to be considered. Restrictions on international travel and the surge of working remotely under shut-down conditions could well have long-term implications on digital transformation and global mobility of employees. Timely communication externally with clients, suppliers, government authorities and the local media can be crucial for a company’s survival. 

To support managers, communication and HR professionals in these challenging times, OAV is delighted to organize the webinar ‘Covid-19 Crisis: Communication and HR Management in Asia-Pacific’. Experts from WMP AG will talk about PR and communication strategies during crisis times and share some case studies. Changes and opportunities related to international HR Management especially on global mobility will be covered by speakers ICU.net AG. The Confederation of Indian Industry will share practical examples from India and China. 


Participation in the event is free of charge, but requires a registration. Please sign in here