Asia-Pacific Business Handbook

Overview of the Asia-Pacific region

Companies and organisations like to use this annual  publication as a comprehensive reference book.  The business compendium provides, with over 600 pages, current information about Asia, including

  • articles by experts in the fields of politics, economics, economic development and the corporate sector
  • detailed statistical information and foreign trade figures
  • a collation of market access conditions, and
  • countless contact details

Company members receive a free handbook and can order further copies at a reduced price of €37.50 directly at the OAV main office. Members can also access the handbook online by looking at the information about each individual country.

Anyone else interested in purchasing the handbook can do so for €75, or €37.50 for students, through the contacts detailed above. A shorter online version can also be accessed free of charge by looking through the Country Information section on our website.

Media information

The publication is written for and distributed free-of-charge to

  • OAV and APA members,
  • business leaders and experts from the German business network in Asia,
  • trade associations and expert organisations,
  • institutions such as chambers of commerce and foreign commerce, as well as
  • diplomatic bodies in Germany and Asia.

The handbook makes an excellent advertising medium

  • for image ads and advertising campaigns that run throughout the year,
  • targeted advertisements tailored to a specific country (placed in articles written about the country) and
  • advertisements for readers with direct links to Asia.

We are more than happy to deal with any further questions or requests you may have.

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