Membership directory

Comprehensive contact directory for OAV members

On over 120 pages the annually published OAV member directory gives a detailed overview of all members and committees associated with OAV. The directory contains the addresses of all

  • corporate members
  • individual members, and
  • corresponding members

and is supplemented with an overview of the

  • OAV Executive Committee
  • Board of Directors und Advisory Council
  • Managing Directors of the OAV National Committees
  • OAV main office employees, and
  • OAV constitution.

Media information

The publication is written for and distributed free-of-charge to

  • OAV and APA members
  • Business leaders and experts from the German business network in Asia
  • Trade associations and expert organisations
  • Institutions such as chambers of commerce and foreign commerce, as well as
  • Diplomatic bodies in Germany and Asia.

The membership directory makes an excellent advertising medium


  • for image ads and advertising campaigns that run throughout the year and
  • also makes an optimal platform for presenting your businesses to other members.

We are more than happy to deal with any further questions or requests you may have.