Infrastructure Alliance

Idea & background

  • A working group for the targeted processing of infrastructure-related topics with the aim of improving the infrastructure in Asian countries and promoting German business activities in this field

  • Formed based on suggestions made by various representatives from German companies in the infrastructure sector
    • Further development of the "ASEAN Expert Group" of the OAV (German Asia-Pacific Business Association), which has identified infrastructure and connectivity as one of the key areas of need in Asia
    • Desire to participate in significant infrastructure projects in Asia, such as the Silk Road Economic Belt or economic corridors in South and South-East Asia
    • Boosting competitiveness in (medium and) large infrastructure projects in Asia through coordination of German companies in the construction, engineering and technology sectors

Function & working method

  • Support the formation of networks made up of German companies and Asian decision-makers
    • Closer and more active cooperation as well as strategic discussion with large Asian companies and institutions in the infrastructure sector, as well as with Asian embassies in Berlin and ministries in Asia
    • Make it easier to realise common goals
  • Provision of information and contacts concerning the markets in partner countries
    • Identification of projects and infrastructure planning in South-East Asia, South Asia, and East Asia
    • Information on current developments in the Asian markets (financing, market entry, economic development, etc.)
    • Point of contact in the OAV for the creation of contacts in Asia
  • Coordination of regular sessions on current key issues and countries
    • Discussion of financing topics with the appropriate participants
    • Long-term promotion and support of direct investment in Asia