OAV Business trips

Business trips organised by us give you direct insight into the market opportunities in the region and facilitate entry into the market.

OAV/AHK - Business delegation to Sri Lanka, 10/2016

Within the scope of the trip business potentials were explored in Colombo and in the north of the country.

Business trips of the Energy Export Initiative to China and Thailand, 03/2016

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the OAV supported the AHK Shanghai and the AHK Thailand in carrying out two business trips.

OAV-Delegation trip to North Korea, 10/2015

The seven-day program of the delegation trip saw a variety of talks and visits to the capital of Pyongyang, the harbor town of Hamhung and the special economic zone (SWZ) Kaesong.

AHK-Business trip to Singapore, 04/2015

Within the context of the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the BMWi, the AHK business trip to the topic of "Energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry" took place from April 19 to 23, 2015 in Singapore.

BMWi-Business trip South Korea, 02/2015

The aim of the business trip was to present German technologies from the ICT sector to Korean representatives as well as the initiation of business partnerships.

BMWi-Business trip to China, 10/2014

The trip was aimed at German machine and plant manufacturers as well as suppliers of automotive and vehicle technology.

OAV-Business trip "Business opportunities in Bangladesh", 05/2014

The aim of the trip was to capture the mood after the political turmoil in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in January 2014 and to discuss the investment climate and business opportunities for German companies with representatives from government, politics and business.

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