OAV Young Leaders

The platform for prospective leaders experienced in the Asian business

The OAV Young Leaders Network is made up of a team of young experts drawn from our member companies. The programme aims to develop a network that can facilitate the mutual exchange of information about our Asian markets, alongside deepening the expertise we already possess.

The OAV Young Leaders, formerly OAV Juniors, was founded in 2001 in Hamburg. Initially comprising around 20 members, the network has evolved over recent years into an interdisciplinary and international network with more than 300 members in Germany and the Asia-Pacific region.


  • Regular exchanges of information regarding current issues in the form of seminars and workshops with Asia experts
  • Roundtables with high-profile figures from the OAV network
  • The Annual Young Leaders Conference as the central networking event and Young Leaders Annual General Meeting
  • Visits to OAV member companies
  • Regular regional business lunches

Pictures of the past events of the OAV Young Leaders can be found here (only in German).

Priority topics with objectives

  • Business opportunities and risks in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Intercultural problems with business partners from the region
  • The formation of an international network with Asia as its focus
  • Solutions to and assistance with concrete policy issues in the Asia-Pacific region

Admission criteria

  • The company is an OAV member
  • Experienced in the business of the Asia-Pacific region
  • At most 40 years old at the time of admission

The OAV Young Leaders Programme is a further service on offer to our member companies. Registration of one or more Young Leaders therefore entails no extra costs.

Spokesperson for the OAV Young Leaders Programme

The OAV main office is supported by the Young Leaders Co-Spokespersons and Regional Spokespersons in:


  •     Baden-Wurttemberg
  •     Bavaria
  •     Hesse
  •     Northern Germany
  •     North Rhine-Westphalia


  • Shanghai, China
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta, Indonesia