OAV Young Leaders Spokesperson

The OAV Young Leaders are represented by the Co-Cpeakers and Regional Spokespersons.


Felicitas Lotfi

Felicitas Lotfi, Director Global Client Relations at Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG, together with Dr. Philipp Meyer is Co-Spokesperson for the OAV Young Leaders since August 2020. Felicitas Lotfi has been a member of the OAV since January 2020 and is committed to getting the leaders of tomorrow excited about Asia and further expanding the Young Leaders network.
Since November 2020 she is representing the Young Leaders as Member of the Board of the OAV.

Dr. Philipp Meyer

Dr. Philipp Meyer, CFO of the Chinese TRUMPF subsidiary JFY, is Co-Spokesperson for the OAV Young Leaders together with Felicitas Lotfi since August 2020. Philipp Meyer has been a member of the OAV since 2016 and is committed to a closer exchange between German and Asian young leaders. Before moving to China in July 2019, he was an advisor to the TRUMPF group management in Ditzingen.
Since November 2020 he is representing the Young Leaders as a Member of the Executive Committee of the OAV.

Regional Spokespersons


Anna Lüth and Stefan Wöhler are both representing the OAV Young Leaders in Baden-Wurttemberg since September 2020 for a stronger network of those interested in Asia and support the regional group activities. The exchange during company visits and round tables is particularly important to them.
As the owner's right-hand of Olymp Bezner, Anna is responsible for marketing, retail and e-commerce as well as for the Asia related supply chain activities. After studying business administration, she focused on the Asian economic region in her master's degree and also spent a semester at Tsinghua University in Beijing via a scholarship.
Stefan was most recently in Korea through the Heinz Nixdorf program to promote the Asia-Pacific experience of young German leaders before he joined Daimler in 2015 via the trainee program. He previously studied and worked in Beijing and Seoul and was able to get to know the Chinese and Korean cultures.


Anna-Lena Rhiem and Delip Prasad are both together representing the OAV Young Leaders in Bavaria since November 2020.
As a public policy expert, Anna-Lena is responsible for analyzing the political developments relevant to Infineon in the Asia-Pacific region. After studying politics, she focused on foreign and security policy issues in her master's degree and worked in Washington D.C. and Tromsø. At Infineon, she will now focus more on the Asia-Pacific region.
Delip Prasad has been a member of the OAV Young Leaders Bavaria since 2017 and has Indian roots. For MAI, he and his team are responsible for business development activities and for the implementation of international projects related to airport operation, planning and optimization. Among other things, he has accompanied or partially managed projects in the Middle East, North America, Latin America and Asia.

Lennart Clarkeand Dr Jost Wubbeke are both together representing the OAV Young Leaders in Berlin since February 2021.
Lennart Clarke spent a long time in Korea through the Heinz Nixdorf program to promote the Asia-Pacific experience of young German executives and has been with Deutsche Bahn in Berlin since 2015. He studied in Lüneburg and works in the field of machine and rail vehicle construction as well as maintenance.
Jost Wubbeke is Director at Sinolytics LLC, a specialized consulting company that offers expert analysis and strategic advice on China. Previously, he was Head of the Economics and Technology Program at the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS).

Katharina Ruppel and Lisa Schmitt have formed a dual position as regional speakers in Hesse in order to expand the network of OAV Young Leaders.

Katharina Ruppel supports at EY Asian companies with real estate investments in Germany, supports them in the establishment, accounting, HR issues and tax compliance. In Frankfurt she is involved in the German Malaysian Round Table as a chapter initiator. As Regional Spokeswoman since March 2019, she organizes business dinners and company visits for the YL for mutual exchange of experiences in Hesse.
Lisa Schmitt advises Asian investors, financial sponsors and entrepreneurs on private equity and M&A transactions and also advises them on complex corporate law issues. During her studies, she spent a semester at the Chinese University in Hong Kong on a scholarship. In addition to her engagement as Regional Spokesperson for Hesse, she is also actively involved in the OAV YL Women in Leadership initiative.

Alexander Oldenburg is a member of the Global China Desk at KPMG AG and is among others contact person for Chinese clients in Germany. He has been actively involved in the OAV network since the end of 2013 and since then, as Regional Spokesman for Northern Germany, has promoted the constant exchange among the YL, e.g. he successfully established the Ambassador Talk, which takes place annually as part of the Ostasiatisches Liebesmahl in Hamburg with ambassadors from the Asia-Pacific region.

Katja Neumüller works in Luther's office in Cologne and specializes in advising companies on their cross-border transactions in Asia. She has lived and worked abroad for a long time, including in Singapore and Shanghai. Since May 2015, she has shared her technical expertise and personal Asian interest with the Young Leaders in North Rhine-Westphalia as a Regional Spokeswoman and is further expanding the regional network. In addition to regular meetings and company tours, she organizes ambassador talks and webinars.


Niklas von Kuczkowski is the representative for the newly established OAV Young Leaders chapter in India since February 2021.

Patrick Kemnitz, General Director of TRUMPF Vietnam Co. Ltd., is heading the two TRUMPF offices in Ho-Chi-Minh City and Hanoi since 2018. He holds a diploma in industrial engineering of the Technical University of Berlin and worked for 8 years in the Management Consulting business before he joined TRUMPF Headquarter in Ditzingen, Germany. During his time in the Corporate Development Department he worked also on projects in China.
Since 2021, Patrick Kemnitz took over as Regional Spokesperson for the OAV Young Leaders in Vietnam.

Leonard Anilaputra Eggert, born to German-Indonesian parents, heads the Representative Office of LBBW in Indonesia since September 2019. Previously, he spent 5 years working in the banking sector Singapore and had studied at the Renmin University of China in Beijing as part of his MSc Finance degree. In January 2020 he established the OAV Young Leaders chapter in Jakarta.

Niklas Schröder has lived in South Korea since the beginning of 2020 and is head of the Hübner Group's Seoul office. In the years before, his focus was initially on Southeast Asia and then on building a new production site in the USA. Since January 2021, Niklas Schröder has been Regional Spokesman for the new Korea chapter of the OAV Young Leaders.

Luhong (Leon) Li has become a member of OAV in 2015. He has been engaging himself for a close cooperation between German and Chinese companies as well as the exchange among the young leaders. Before returning to his home town Shanghai in August 2018, he used to be the executive assistant to Chairman of TÜV SÜD AG in Munich. He is delighted to stay connected with young leaders in China and is passionate to convey first-hand experience from China.

David Liendgens, Kerstin Köhler and Robert Puschmann have been Regional Spokespersons for the OAV Young Leaders in Singapore since April 2021.