OAV - The Network of German companies - doing business in the Asia-Pacific region


Since its foundation in 1900, the OAV has become a leading network of German companies with interests and activities in the Asia-Pacific region. With approximately 500 member companies to date, the OAV is a privately held, non-profit organization. Some of the world's most renowned companies from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations representing major commercial and industrial sectors - comprise the OAV's membership. To reflect this, the OAV board is presided over by senior and experienced representatives of the German business community, and the current OAV Chairman is Hans-Georg Frey who is Chairman of the Board of Management at Jungheinrich AG


The OAV strives to promote stronger bilateral economic relationships between Germany and the Asia-Pacific region. Through its extensive corporate and institutional network, the OAV supports German companies and their ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region. The OAV provides a platform for the exchange of the most up-to-date economic developments from the region, provides support for doing business and where possible, helps businesses overcome challenges in the region. As a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business, the OAV is strongly involved in the representation of the interests of German companies and is present in high-profile economic and political dialogues between Germany and the Asia-Pacific. 


Alongside its strong corporate network in Europe, the OAV promotes peer to peer institutional cooperation between Germany and the Asia-Pacific region. Most notably, the OAV is well connected with various German and Asia-Pacific government ministries and institutions as well as senior members of the diplomatic community in the Asia-Pacific. 


The OAV offers member companies comprehensive services. Whether it is to explore or further existing business opportunities in emerging or mature markets, the OAV can provide individual and tailored consultancy, undertake in-depth research and supply publications on specific markets using the latest information and data. The OAV also provides a broad events programme throughout the year, allowing members to participate in seminars, conferences and delegation trips aimed at understanding, establishing and expanding business opportunities. 

The OAV offers a broad range of benefits to its member companies including: 

  • An established in-house and expert consultancy team of regional managers specializing on individual and multiple markets (e.g. on approaching and penetrating new markets, and the preparation and implementation of invest projects)
  • An extensive events´ programme with seminars and conferences on topics related to business, politcal and legal issues and challenges in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Organization of delegation trips to explore the Asia-Pacific markets allowing for commercial, diplomatic and political contacts to be made and strengthened
  • Up-to-date publications and information service with expert analysis on Asia-Pacific markets
  • Database and tailored research on specific inquiries


Our current management is:

  • Chairman: Hans-Georg Frey, Chairman of the Board of Management, Jungheinrich AG
  • Executive Member of the Board: Timo Prekop

OAV Young Leaders

The OAV Young Leaders network functions within the larger OAV network, as an additional service for its member companies. Open to anyone up to the age of 40, the OAV Young Leaders is aimed at emerging leaders and experts interested in the Asia-Pacific region. OAV Young Leaders learn from and network with today’s leading industry and business people, exchanging their views and experience gained in or about the Asia-Pacific region.The OAV offers a number of diverse events for OAV Young leaders such as visits to member companies, usually accompanied with a speech from leading and other senior figures, as well as round-table discussions.

In addition, our OAV Young Leaders get the opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge and experience with other Young Leaders from companies within the OAV network during business lunches or dinners held at regular intervals throughout the year.

The highlight of the year is the annual OAV Young Leaders Conference taking place in one of the representations of the federal states in Berlin. This event - usually taking place in September - includes speeches of senior business managers as well as political representatives, and is characterized by workshops and panel discussions. In general, we envisage around 100 participants.

After the successful establishment of the OAV Young Leaders in Germany, the OAV seeks to expand its Young Leader’s network into the Asia-Pacific region. Several Asian cities are currently being chosen for the development of regional groups based on the presence of OAV member companies and their general importance as business location for German companies.  

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