The Honourable State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP who heads the ICT Division of the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications & Information Technology in Bangladesh, visited Hamburg on the occasion of the “Ostasiatische Liebesmahl” from 23 to 25 March 2017. read more

Am 24. März 2017 veranstaltete der OAV zum 97. Mal sein traditionsreiches Ostasiatisches Liebesmahl. read more

Das indische Parlament hat am 29. März 2017 der Reform des indischen Umsatzsteuerrechts zugestimmt. read more

Die Veranstaltung „Mit japanischen Partnern erfolgreich in Drittmärkten agieren“ sollte die Möglichkeiten aufzeigen, welche die Kooperation mit japanischen Partnern auf Drittmärkten für deutsche Unternehmen bieten kann. read more

OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association

OAV offers the ideal platform for exchanging knowledge and experience across different industries, and offers members practical and comprehensive services, regardless of whether the member has experience operating in – or cooperating with – Asia, or has none.

Different event formats, initiatives and publications give our members the excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge on current issues surrounding Asia, to become better informed and to exploit the promising business potential of the Asia-Pacific region, a region experiencing dynamic growth. The main office is available to answer any of our members' queries regarding business in Asia, and facilitates business operations in the Asia-Pacific more

Insight Asia-Pacific | 03/2016 OAV members magazine