Nepal Investment Summit 2019


Nepal Investment Summit 2019 was organized from 29-30 March 2019. More than 600 investors from 40 countries participated in the Investment Summit. Highest number of investors were from China (265) and India (120). Other participating countries were Japan (21), Myanmar (19), South Korea (17), Oman (13), Malaysia (12), UAE (12), Sri Lanka (10), Canada (10), the USA (10), United Kingdom (09), Germany (09).

The Government of Nepal (GoN) forwarded 77 projects for investment in the Investment Summit. The projects included 50 projects in the various sectors from GoN while 27 projects from private sector. Energy, physical infrastructure, agriculture, information technology, industry, health and education and tourism are the areas of special focus for investment.

Out of 77 projects, 17 projects received application for investment. The investment applications were in Infrastructure and Transport (7), energy (4), agriculture (3), education and health (2) and transportation logistic (1). The time limit for application for investment in various projects is until 20 April.   

The list of projects for investment from GoN and private sectors can be viewed at