Smart City China Report

Within the framework of the Infrastructure Alliance, Siemens, Volkswagen Group China and the OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association cooperated on the publication "China’s Urban Future", covering case studies of over 13 companies, market developments and trends. The report aims to provide key information to German companies targeting this dynamic growth market.


China's urban population is rapidly growing: 59 percent of its population is living in cities already. By 2050 this number is expected to increase to 80 percent. The Chinese government is pushing the development of smart cities counting around 500 pilots already. New and sustainable mobility solutions, distributed energy generation, automated waste management, personalized healthcare, digital integration – these innovations are key for the development of China’s urban future and offer business opportunities for German high-tech companies.

The German Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV) collaborated with Siemens and Volkswagen Group China to closely examine “China’s Urban Future”. The corresponding report assesses the potentials and opportunities that China’s urbanization offers, as well as possible solutions for the challenges that come with it.

Furthermore, the report scrutinizes the five most important city clusters in China as well as six priority areas for smart cities in the future. Those five clusters represent a sum of over 500 million people and a total of 97 cities. This allows the report to position smart cities within the context of the government’s own priorities. Apart from Siemens and VW, numerous other members of the OAV took part in the report. The contributions range from water-collecting parks to medical emergency equipment and sustainable mobility concepts. The report is meant to facilitate the entry into the Chinese market for German companies as well as to improve already existing business relations.

You can find the full report in the download section or click here.

In order to reach an even greater audience, the report will also be published in Chinese at a later point. Several events in conjunction with the report are planned both in Germany and China.

There will be an official event for the publication of the Smart City China report in Hamburg on 14 March 2019. For further information, please click here.




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