Transport & Logistics Mongolia today

11. Dezember 2023, Online

We would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on "Transport & Logistics Mongolia today" on Monday, 11th December 2023  from  9.30am – 10.30am CET via Teams.

In the context of international economic relations, the topics of transport and logistics play a crucial role in unlocking the economic potential of countries. The geopolitical situation of a democratically ruled Mongolia being landlocked between its neighbors Russia and China presents unique challenges and opportunities in the field of transportation and logistics. Mongolia is striving to position itself within the global economic area, as the country’s own economic landscape is evolving.

To better understand transport and logistics in Mongolia Professor Dr. Thomas Hollenberg will present his insights from the current market study, "Transport and Logistics in Mongolia" highlighting developments on the ground.

Following this, Dr. Martin Hoffmann from the Ostausschuss der deutschen Wirtschaft will provide a comprehensive overview of the status of Russia sanctions, venture into future prospects, and shed light on experiences of other third countries.

Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Mongolian transport and logistics sector by joining our webinar, listening to our speakers and take the chance to raise questions and engage in a discussion with us. We look forward to your participation in this informative webinar.

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