Dinner Speech - USA vs. China: The battle for Digital Supremacy

22. Oktober 2019, Hamburg

Over the last decades, China made tremendous headway in the digital space - with ubiquitous mobile payment, leading AI startups and eCommerce companies that deliver an order not on the same day, but within the same hour!

During that time it has developed a delicate high-tech equilibrium with the West: we depend on China for the efficient production of nearly all our gadgets - at the same time China depends on us for microprocessors, operating systems and software. But now the US trade policy has started to shift that balance.

Could this lead to a high-tech cold war? What would the consequences be?

Björn Ognibeni, Co-Founder of ChinaBriefs.io and Member of the Board of Directors of The American Club of Hamburg, a renowned expert on digital business, will try to find some answers during a nice dinner at Mozzer´s, a prime location for good food in the City. This event is organized by the American Club of Hamburg e.V. with friendly support of OAV - German Asia-Pacific Business Association.

A fine dinner and select drinks are included in the price.

You can read a very interesting article to get up to speed for the topic at THE ECONOMIST.

Please click here to register for the dinner speech. There is no entrance fee, however there will be catering cost allocation of approx. 50 euro.