Energy Security in Germany and Korea

01. Dezember 2022, Online

The Russian invasion of Ukraine led to a distortion of global energy markets and soaring energy prices, putting energy security on top of the political agenda for many countries. For both Germany and Korea, the topic is of crucial importance as they are both counting with energy intensive industries and are large scale importers of energy carriers.

The diversification of energy supplies, untapping of potential domestic energy sources like the accelerated build-up of renewables, as well as measures for energy savings and for increasing energy efficiency are some of the steps taken and discussed in the two countries to deal with the current challenges. In the webinar, Prof. Cho Hong Chong (Dankook University/KEEI) and Prof. Karsten Neuhoff (TU Berlin/DIW Berlin) will shed light on the different approaches taken so far by Germany and Korea, the potential implications and the way ahead.

The webinar is jointly organized by the Korean-German Energy-Partnership Team – OAV, KGCCI, adelphi - in cooperation with the Korea Energy Information Culture Agency (KEIA) and is open to all interested audiences.

Please find the program here.