Webinar: Supply chain resilience in a time of trade disruption

18. November 2019

Over the years, we have seen unexpected incidents and protectionist sentiments result in significant supply chain disruptions. Brexit is only one of them. In Asia, the geopolitical events are equally substantial, ranging from the Hong Kong airport detraction to the US-China trade negotiations. Technological advances such as 3D printing and geographical shifts in trade routes are also factors of change. Proactive planning and management are therefore important steps of consideration in order to build resilience in regional and global supply chains to meet the demands of the uncertain and complicated trade era. How does this impact businesses in Asia? And how can companies master the challenges and use them to their own advantage?


In this webinar, Ms. Mok Sze Xin (Senior Manager, Indirect Tax, Asia Pacific Tax Center) from Ernst & Young will first present strategies for supply chain resilience in a time of trade disruption (30 minutes). She will cover the effects of recent industrial politics, tariffs, and taxes on global trade, and explain how to identify the opportunities and challenges arising from these developments, and share how global supply chain management can act as a strategic offensive option.

Mr. Toh Wei Xuan (Regional Director, Singapore Economic Development Board) will then briefly share a perspective on orchestrating global supply chains (10 minutes), revealing why companies leverage Singapore, a leading logistics hub with world-class infrastructure, efficient customs and excellent connectivity, as a strategic location to manage their supply chain activities.

As a participant, you will then have the opportunity to ask both speakers questions directly following the presentations. The webinar will be moderated by Daniel Mueller from the OAV - German Asia-Pacifiv Business Association.


The webinar will be held in English. It is organised by the OAV - German Asia-Pacific Business Association, Ernst & Young (EY), and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) .

Please click on the following link to watch the recording:
Supply chain resilience in a time of trade disruption