Webinar: Where is China’s financial market heading given its recent reforms and regulatory shifts?

10. März 2022, Online

Last year Beijing cracked down on alleged monopolistic behaviours by internet giants such as Alibaba and tightened the credit activities of highly indebted real estate property developers. The changes disrupted businesses and led to distrust in China’s regulatory environment as well as in its economic prospects, thus keeping international investors from participating in Chinese markets. However, some analysts argue that recent official statements pointed to a softening in Beijing’s approach and a refocus on economic growth and stability in 2022 as an important year for Xi’s possible third term.

  • What is the rationale behind China’s tech crackdown, how long do we expect it to continue and what does it imply for the finance sector?
  • What is driving China’s real estate credit tightening? How is the impact of economic model rebalancing over overall growth in short term and long term?
  • What are the current challenges in the Chinese financial market from the Hongkong perspective of a foreign bank?

We kindly invite you to discuss these and other questions in our Webinar “Where is China’s financial market heading given its recent reforms and regulatory shifts?" on 10 March 2022 which we organise with our member institutions Sinolytics GmbH, a research-based consultancy focused on China and DZ BANK AG in Hong Kong.

Our speakers will provide insights on China’s financial market reform and subsequently deep dive into the real estate sector as well as China’s recent crackdown on the capital market. The deep dives will be followed by an introduction to practical implications for financial institutions.

Ms. Luisa Kinzius, Director at Sinolytics, is a specialist on Chinese market regulation and especially focuses on China’s FinTech and digital currency developments. Through many projects with European MNCs, Luisa gained an excellent understanding of how foreign companies can successfully navigate through the policy-driven Chinese market. Mr. Bin Yan is a specialist on the financial sector of China. He has accumulated strong expertise in the Chinese financial market through private equity investment experience and advises European financial institutions on business strategy and risk assessment in China. Mr. Johannes Hack is Managing Director of the Hong Kong Branch of DZ BANK AG as well as President of the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Our speakers are looking forward to sharing their insights and experience with you. Following their presentations, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. The webinar will be held in English.

Please feel free to send us questions you would like to ask the speakers for a preselection.


Participation is free of charge but requires registration. Please register here. You will receive a confirmation of registration a few days before the event. We look forward to your active participation in an open discussion.The webinar will be held in English.