Webinar: Workforce Mobilisation During Crisis

16. April 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 tested the capacity of businesses to deal with a genuine crisis situation. Although China has already experienced virus spread decline and has started the phase of recovery, the pandemic is taking its toll in Europe and all over the globe. Companies in Europe are on the threshold to juggle the disruptions to their supply chains and client demand with a workforce that is now confined to home. The COVID-19 outbreak in China showed us that the organisations that have been able to manage the crisis effectively have five things in common. By sharing the experience we would like to help German organisations look positively, establish effective crisis preparedness measures, and remain flexible and forward-thinking as the situation evolves.

In this webinar series Rödl and Partner and Direct HR Group we will share the important HR legal implications in navigating the pandemic situation and discuss what could be a practical approach to driving people motivation, accountability and productivity during this period. 

OAV and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce are pleased to welcome Sebastian Wiendieck, Attorney-At-Law, Rödl & Partner and Mira Lioleva, Director of Development Solutions, Direct HR Group, to share valuable insights for German companies capitalising on the China experience in the past two months. 


The participation is free of charge, registration is required. Please register here. All information to log in will be send to you prior to the event. The webinar will be held in English.

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