Infrastructure Alliance „Smart City China Report" led by Siemens, Volkswagen Group China, and OAV

Siemens, VW and OAV aim to produce a report, that can be used to show capabilities and to begin discussions with relevant stakeholders in China. The Smart Cities China Report will be geared towards positioning members of OAV (with relevant smart city portfolios) as smart city leaders and innovators.


At the last meeting of the OAV Infrastructure Alliance (AG Infrastruktur) on 22 February 2018 we identified “Smart Cities” as a topic where member companies could position themselves as smart city leaders and innovators within the Chinese market. Therefore, we aim to produce a “Smart City China Report”, that can be used to show capabilities and which could potentially be used to begin discussions with relevant stakeholders in China. Herewith, OAV members are asked to express their interest in becoming part of this report.

You can find the proposed structure of the report under downloads in the right column. We are proposing to focus the report on five city clusters which the Chinese government is prioritizing. Those five clusters represent in total over 500 million people and a total of 97 cities. This will allow us to position smart cities within the context of the government’s own priorities.

We have also identified six smart city sectors to focus on. These are based on the topics identified in the new-type smart city development framework, developed by a joint working group of 25 government departments. In each of the sectors we would focus on different technologies and solutions that OAV companies can offer.

If you would be interested in partnering in the smart cities report, please complete the short questionnaireby latest 21 September 2018. In case of questions please contact Mr Norman Langbecker, OAV, via Following receipt of the questionnaire we will look to set up follow up discussions with you in September / October 2018.

Please note that the number of companies / projects featured in the report will be limited. Companies / reference projects will be selected according to different criteria (relevance of reference projects, case studies, USPs etc.).

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