The Decarbonization of Shipping – A German-Korean Perspective

15. März 2023, Online

With an estimated 3% of emissions worldwide, the maritime sector will be a critical one to address for global decarbonization. The International Maritime Organization set the goal to cut GHG emissions by at least 50% by the year 2050, calling for action for the transformation of the industry. Germany and Korea have set themselves ambitious targets for reaching `Net-Zero´ by 2045 and 2050. Both countries count with strong maritime trade relations and strong shipping industries, searching for solutions for a climate neutral future of the sector.

This webinar will be dedicated to the potentials and limitations for decarbonization in the shipping industry, looking at different aspects like alternative clean fuel solutions, energy efficiency, electrification, but also addressing questions of necessary port infrastructure or regulatory issues. It will offer a platform for information and exchange about the decarbonization approaches of shipping in Germany and Korea for experts from industry, politics and science.

The webinar is jointly organized by the Korean-German Energy-Partnership Team – OAV, KGCCI, and adelphi – and is open to all interested audiences. The agenda can be found here.