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Contact Office for Mongolia

German-Mongolian Economic Committee

The German-Mongolian Economic Committee (DMWA) was set up as part of the 'Agreement between the German and Mongolian governments regarding cooperation in the raw materials, industrial and technology sectors', and signed during Chancellor Merkel's visit to Mongolia on 13.10.2011. The DMWA's role involves assisting in the cooperation between both countries in accordance with the agreement, as well as compiling the German-Mongolian Governmental Working Group's report.

Since the beginning of 2023 Mr Hans-Christoph Brumberg, Managing Director wpd Asia Solutions, is the Co-Chairman of the German-Mongolian Economic Commitee. Mr S. Narantsogt, CEO of the Erdenes Mining Corporation, has been the Mongolian Co-Chairman since May 2023.

At the beginning of 2015 the OAV, under instruction from the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, set up a point of contact for the DMWA in Germany. Ever since, it has operated as a point of contact for companies and institutions interested in German-Mongolian business relations, and has assisted in the work for the German Co-Chairman. OAV has enlisted the German-Mongolian Business Association (DMUV) to support the point of contact as a cooperation partner.