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Asia-Pacific Committee

The Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA) is the mouthpiece that facilitates communication between German businesses in Asia and the political bodies in Germany and in Asian partner countries, as well as a committee for the formulation and discussion of economic and political interests. The committee aims to intensify cooperation between Germany and countries in the Asia-Pacific region, spell out the precise details of said cooperation, and promote trade and investment. Its strategic vision in times of growing global economic challenges and the increasing importance of the Asia-Pacific region on the global economic map is to actively shape these changes alongside Asia, keeping 'partnership, innovation, and sustainability' as its guiding principles.

The APA, a joint initiative of the sponsoring organisations BDI, DIHK, OAV, BGA and the Banking Association collates matters concerning the German economy and economic policy with interests in the region. Its engine runs on the expertise of the individual organisations and their member companies. The German Chamber of Foreign Commerce (AHKs) in the Asia-Pacific region guarantees the integration of business experiences in the region itself. The joint presence of the APA and the AHKs ensures that business interests are represented and conveyed effectively to political bodies in the region, also giving Asian partners a platform. The APA also helps shape Germany's image in Asia by assisting work on German location marketing in the region.

Alongside the sponsoring organisations' varied activities, the APA is involved in high-profile dates and events surrounding economic policy, visits from Asian government representatives, German government trips abroad, as well as in joint committees with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). The main event on the APA's calendar is the Asia-Pacific Conference for the German Economy, organised in conjunction with the AHKs and BMWi, hosted somewhere in the Asia-Pacific region.

High-profile representatives from large companies and from medium-sized firms that operate regularly in the Asia-Pacific region promote the work of the APA and are active mouthpieces for the committee.