OAV Young Leaders

The OAV Young Leaders Programme is the leadership programme of the German Asian economy. In the programme the high potentials of OAV member companies come together to build an international network, develop and deepen their Asia competence and expand their leadership skills.

The programme, formerly known as OAV Juniors, was founded in 2001 in Hamburg, when about twenty young executives came together for the first time to exchange experiences about their work in relation to the Asia-Pacific region. Today, more than two decades later, the number of members has grown to over three hundred, organised in over ten regional groups. To this day, the Young Leaders Programme has a strong focus on Germany, even though more than a third of the members are now based in the Asia-Pacific region.

At the same time, the Young Leaders programme has constantly expanded and we now offer a wide range of different events on current topics relating to the Asian markets, the political and social framework conditions as well as the cultural background in the respective countries. In addition, the regional groups offer discussion and exchange opportunities to further intensify networking in Germany and the Asia-Pacific region.

An Extensive Range of Events

  •  regular exchange in webinars, seminars and workshops on current issues with renowned Asia experts
  •  Round tables and initiatives with high-ranking representatives from the OAV network
  •  the OAV Young Leaders Annual Conference as a central networking event and the Young Leaders General Assembly
  •  visits of OAV member companies
  •  regular events of the regional groups

Key Subjects and Objectives

  • discussing economic opportunities and risks of the Asia-Pacific region
  • strengthening intercultural competences in dealing with business partners from the region
  • establishing/expanding an international network with a focus on the business area Asia
  • knowledge transfer with exchange of best practices on a wide range of business areas relevant to Asia

Membership Requirements

The person...

  •  is employed by an OAV company member or partner organisation and has been nominated for the programme  by that member or partner organisation
  •  is a young executive
  •  has gathered extensive experience in Asia or has a high level of affinity with Asia
  •  shares the objectives of the OAV
  •  is under forty years of age
  •  is motivated to actively participate in the Young Leaders Network

Spokespersons of the OAV Young Leaders

The OAV Team is supported by the Co-Speakers, the Regional Spokespersons and the Liaison Representatives.


Luisa Kinzius, director at the management consultancy Sinolytics GmbH, which specializes in China, has been co-spokesperson for the OAV Young Leaders since November 2023. She has been a member of the OAV since 2020 and is committed to deepening contacts and knowledge about the growth region of East Asia. At Sinolytics, Luisa Kinzius supports European companies in successfully navigating the increasingly complex geopolitical and domestic political environment in China. She travels regularly in the region.

Dr. Philipp Meyer, CFO of the Chinese TRUMPF subsidiary JFY, has been co-speaker of the OAV Young Leaders since August 2020. Philipp Meyer has been a member of the OAV since 2016 and is committed to a closer exchange between German and Asian young managers. Before moving to China in July 2019, he was a consultant to the TRUMPF group management in Ditzingen. He has also represented the Young Leaders on the OAV Executive Board since November 2020.