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OAV Textile Round Table

The Textile Round Table is a working group to identify and discuss current and future opportunities and challenges for European companies in the Asian textile industry. It was created following the positive feedback from numerous company representatives in an OAV member survey in 2017, regarding the introduction of a working group on the garment and textile industry. The participants of the Textile Round Table are composed of OAV members as well as European companies from the textile industry.

Function and operation

  • Support in the formation of networks of European companies and Asian decision-makers:
    • Closer and more active cooperation as well as strategic discussion with major Asian companies and institutions from the textile sector and the Asian embassies in Berlin and relevant ministries in Asia
    • Reduction of barriers for European companies in the Asian textile industry
  • Coordination of working sessions to exchange various focus topics:
    • Discussion of relevant Asian markets with European and Asian stakeholders.
    • Discussion of current topics such as achieving uniform standards, the risks and opportunities posed by digitalization or emerging markets in general, and infrastructure development in (new) textile-producing countries