6th OAV YL VideoConference "Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam"

30. June 2021, MS Teams

The OAV Young Leaders VideoConference series offers the Young Leaders a platform for direct and personal exchange with one another. The focus is on current topics and challenges from the Asia-Pacific region, which the Young Leaders themselves take up, present and discuss with each other. In the next session there will be a focus on specific market: Vietnam as a manufacturing hotspot.
Vietnam is already well known as a fast developing economy with a GDP growth in recent years of around 6-7% p.a. Even in 2020 with impact of the COVID-19 pandemic Vietnam’s economy grew by nearly 3%. Especially the manufacturing sector is making huge steps. Foreign invested companies as well as local Vietnamese companies setting up new factories; new industry parks are emerging from the North to the South. Vietnam became thereby already an important channel for sourcing industrial goods.

Patrick Kemnitz, General Director of TRUMPF in Ho-Chi-Minh-City & Hanoi and OAV YL Regional Spokesperson will share his perspective on current developments of the manufacturing sector in Vietnam.

Since we would like to discuss as many perspectives as possible on this market, we are opening the usually "closed" platform for all interested Vietnam experts.