Exclusive Online Meeting with Tencent Cloud

16. June 2021, Online

The demand for cloud solutions has increased rapidly worldwide, especially in the last year. The Chinese IT company Tencent also expects a rising trend in the future. The tech giant now wants to further expand its international cloud business: 40 data centers are in China alone and more than 20 are operated in other regions. In addition to its locations in Hong Kong and Thailand, Tencent Cloud has now also opened a data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

The General Manager of Tencent Cloud in Frankfurt has been Haodong Huang since January 2019. In an exclusive online meeting with the OAV Young Leaders, he shares his insights into the development of digitization in China and Europe in recent years as well as into the (work) cultural differences between China and Europe / Germany from a Chinese perspective. Haodong previously worked for Huawei Technologies in Western Europe as Senior Director in the Global Solutions division for four years and was previously responsible for the Chinese Sales sector at the American IT and consulting company IBM.