Mission to the "10th Business Opportunities Fair 2019 "of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

25. March 2019 - 31. March 2019, Manila and Dhaka

What business potential do ADB tenders offer in Asia-Pacific?

The value of projects funded by ADB, the main multilateral financial institution for projects in the Asia-Pacific region, exceeded $15 billion in 2017, and it can be assumed that the financing volume will continue to grow. Projects funded by ADB are primarily in the transport, energy, agriculture, water and urban infrastructure sectors, with China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Philippines being currently the main borrowers. Contractors also include German companies, but their share could be higher - especially that of SMEs.

The mission, which is of interest to companies from all sectors regardless of the project country, focuses on the Philippines and Bangladesh on a regional basis and on waste management and transport sectorally. The goal of the mission is to find out whether participation in tenders for ADB-funded projects is worthwhile, how to increase chances of winning bids and how to realistically assess the political and economic conditions of the potential project country.

In Manila (March 25-27), the first station of the trip and the headquarters of the ADB, participants will visit the "10th Business Opportunities Fair "(BOF), a forum for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and civil society organizations looking to provide goods, works, and consulting services for ADB-funded projects. The BOF will provide participants with first-hand information on the ADB procurement plans and ADB-funded contracts. Furthermore, bilateral talks will be arranged for you, to help establishing and maintaining important personal contacts with experts and procurement staff of the ADB.

As part of the mission, an ADB-project as well as the executing agency in the waste management sector will be visited. Furthermore, participants will get the chance to gather information on the economic situation in the Philippines and in a separate meeting with the Executive Director of the ADB for Germany and the ADB Procurement Director, procurement procedures will be discussed.

In Dhaka (March 28-31), the second and optional travel station, participants will get insights into the economic development of Bangladesh. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to meet with German companies located in the area, to be briefed on the political and economic development in Bangladesh and to discuss business opportunities in ADB tenders. Moreover, an ADB-funded project and the executing agency in Greater Dhaka will be visited.


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First stage of the mission - 25-27 March 2019, Manila, Philippines

Second stage of the mission - 28-31 March 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh

In order to participate in the ADB Business Opportunities Fair 2019, you must register by February 28, 2019 via the following link: https://adb.eventsair.com/business-opportunities-forum-2019/bof-registration-2019/Site/Register. You will receive an automatic registration confirmation and useful preliminary information.
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