OAV meets high-level CII-Delegation

High-level CII-Delegation discusses possible Areas of Cooperation with Mr Jürgen Fitschen and OAV Board Members


During a luncheon with a high-level delegation of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) headed by Ms Shobana Kamineni, President Designate of CII and Executive Vice-Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, Mr Jürgen Fitschen, Senior Advisor (Former CEO) of Deutsche Bank AG, and Board Members of the OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association had a fruitful discussion on current business topics and the prospects of bilateral relations.

Indian politics is committed to improve the overall business climate which, among others, can be seen in the upcoming tax reform (Goods and Services Tax), a long-awaited major milestone reform to facilitate business in India. In addition to that, the consensus in India prevails that the sudden demonetisation introduced by the Modi-government in November 2016 will have a positive impact on the Indian economy in the long run, despite its negative coverage in the international press.
The Indian delegates emphasized in particular the opportunity for German companies to get stronger involved in infrastructure projects on the subcontinent, and also pointed out India’s role as regional hub for the African continent. A growing interest of the German “Mittelstand” in the Indian market can be witnessed and being present in India is nowadays highly recommended.
The CII CEO’s delegation visiting Germany from 22 to 23 January 2017 was composed of nine high-level corporate representatives from various sectors like healthcare, agrochemical, pharmaceuticals, transportation, energy, petroleum and IT. The luncheon took place in the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding between OAV and CII that was signed in September 2016 to further foster the long-standing cooperation and to strengthen the economic relations between India and Germany.

For further information, please contact Barbara Schmidt-Ajayi, Regional Manager for South Asia.