Finance Round Table

An OAV Young Leaders Initiative

The OAV Young Leaders Finance Round Table provides a closed platform for the discussion of current and future opportunities and challenges in the finance industry and finance-related business areas in different industries and companies with relations to the Asia-Pacific region. The aim is to promote the exchange between all interested OAV Young Leaders, to expand one's own network and to share experiences and ideas from daily Asian business. The aim is to meet regularly with industry representatives, executives and well-known representatives from the financial sector to exchange ideas across companies and enter into direct dialogue. This will be complemented by closed discussion rooms for open exchange among each other. The OAV YL Finance Round Table thrives on the commitment of each individual and encourages initiative and spontaneity.

On May 21, the OAV YL Finance Round Table was opened with a highly exciting keynote speech by Alexander von zur Mühlen, Member of the Board / CEO Asia-Pacific at Deutsche Bank AG and member of the OAV Presidium. This essentially touched on five trends in the banking sector: Cashless Society, Digitalisation of Supply Chains, Neo/Digital Banking, Disruptive Technologies and the Work-from-Home Model.

The OAV YL Finance Round Table was initiated by Katrin Otto, CFO, CEINEX AG. Together with our Young Leaders Björn Leschny, Stefan Schratz and Luisa Kinzius, the initiative will be further expanded.

Katrin Otto

My name is Katrin Otto and I co-chaired the kick-off of this initiative last year. In addition to my role as CFO of CEINEX AG, I have also been a board member of a German-Chinese joint venture since 2018.

Stefan Schratz

My name is Stefan Schratz and I have been working for ING Bank in Hong Kong since 2017 in the management team responsible for the DACH branches of our clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

Björn Leschny

My name is Björn Leschny and I am in charge of Post Merger Integration and the Asia-Pacific region at Bayer AG. APAC is an important growth driver for all our businesses. I am looking forward to the exchange in our Finance Round Table.

Luisa Kinzius

My name is Luisa Kinzius and I am a Project Leader at Sinolytics GmbH, a China-focused consultancy. I am looking forward to looking at the topic of finance in Asia-Pacific from different perspectives in the Finance Round Table.