Women in Leadership

An OAV Young Leaders Initiative

Salary differentials or occupation of management positions - equal opportunities have not yet been achieved for women in quite a few organisations for a variety of reasons. According to the EU Commission's 2021 report on gender equality in the EU, the Covid 19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities between women and men in almost all areas of life. It also becomes clear from the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report of March 2021 that the hard-won progress of previous years has been severely set back: from 99.5 years to 135.6 years to achieve gender equality.

We are no longer only in the awareness phase but also in the implementation phase on the way to gender equality and with the OAV YL Women in Leadership initiative we want to create a space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, resources and contacts for the women among us - who, significantly, do not even make up a third of us OAV Young Leaders.
The initiative will initially focus on Women in Business, but will also be a point of contact for all people who feel disadvantaged because of their gender identity, and will include other desired topics.

For our exchange, we initially want to establish a networking lunch, which will take place digitally every second month and will always begin with a short impulse speech.

The OAV YL Women in Leadership platform was initiated by Young Leader Janne Otten. Together with our Young Leaders Lisa Flügel and our Young Leaders Co-spokesperson Katja Neumüller, the initiative will be further expanded.

Janne Otten

When I asked if there was a Young Leaders women's network, I was asked in return whether I would like to start one. And here we are. "Women Only" events help women to better understand how their own socialised and stereotypical expectations of them can have an impact on their behaviour and career progression.

Katja Neumüller

We women have diverse strengths and abilities and should not be missing as leaders in global companies. To use our potential even more and to develop new ideas, I would like to create a network together with you.

Lisa Flügel

I find learning from like-minded women and creating new opportunities together incredibly enriching. I would like to make my contribution to this.