Sustainability Round Table

An OAV Young Leaders Initiative

For the 5th OAV Young Leaders VideoConference on the topic of "Living Sustainability - Companies and Sectors on the Way to Climate Neutrality", a panel discussion was organised together with the two regional speakers for Bavaria. During the discussion we closely examined the different aspects and ways in which companies and industries strive for climate neutrality. During the subsequent discussion it became clear that climate action is a crucial issue in all business sectors.
The OAV Young Leaders Sustainability Round Table was founded with the aim of exchanging information on current developments, measures and best practices in the industries and from Asia as well as to recognise the business opportunity that implementing environmental and social sustainability in one's own company offers.

The kick-off will feature a keynote speech by Matthias Berninger, Senior Vice President Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability at BAYER AG.
The regional speakers Anna-Lena Rhiem, Public Affairs Expert at Infineon Technologies AG, and Delip Prasad, Manager Business Operations at Munich Airport International (MAI) GmbH, will provide some impetus to the discussion. The initiative is co-founded by Young Leaders Björn Leschny and Juliane Bendig.

Delip Prasad

Sustainability affects everyone! That's why I think it's all the more important that everyone has the same opportunity to talk about it and, more importantly, to help shape it. I firmly believe that there are more opportunities in sustainable interaction with each other and our environment than the costs that are always being conjured up.

Björn Leschny

I am responsible for Post Merger Integration and the Asia-Pacific region at Bayer AG. Above all, I am passionate about the topic of sustainability and am privately involved in many initiatives, but the topic is also a top priority for Bayer AG in a professional context. I am very much looking forward to the exchange in our Round Table in order to advance the topic for Germany, Asia beyond corporate boundaries.

Juliane Bendig

In the textile trade, I come across the topic of sustainability on a daily basis and it has become an important component of my work. Within the framework of this initiative, I am therefore looking forward to a lively exchange and exciting discussions about the opportunities that companies have today to do business more sustainably.